Sunday, August 8, 2010

where have I been?

Ever have one of those "living under a rock" moments?

I was sitting at my computer, happily typing out a story on the ScrapStreet boards, the morning after my kids' joint birthday party.  Sitting across the room was my friend Bri in for the CHA Show.  We were having a bit of computer time before heading to the airport to begin picking up more scrappy friends.

She suddenly exclaimed, "I have 221 new items in my google reader!"

I turned and gave her my best blond look.  "What is a google reader?"  And she laughed, certain that I was kidding.  Sadly, I was not, so I kept looking at her.

Realization dawned.  I really did not know.  Her jaw dropped open, "giiirrrlll."

And so she showed me.  One spot for all the blogs you love.  No more adding to favorites and popping in and out to all of them.  It shows you when there are new posts.  You can read it without going or link out to it.  You can sort them all into lovely folders.  With google reader, you can easily keep track of a hundred or more blogs.

Pretty sure I heard angels begin to sing. 

I was the definition of short attention span blogging.  I would go to a fave.  Read it, then hit one of her favorite links.  Or one of the links in her post.  And I was off.  An hour later, I would have found cool things, added a few new favorites, and would still have only visited my first on my own favorites list.  I was hopeless.

Thanks, Bri, for lifting the rock off of me!

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