Wednesday, March 31, 2010

More Wolfie Love

Hmm.  I remember when I used to share scrappy goodies on here.  Of course, that was pre-puppy.  I am pretty sure I will be back to it soon, but today the sun shone brightly and the weather reached an amazing 71.  A shocker for March in the Chicagoland area.

The kids are definitely getting the most out of spring break this year!  Zack spent plenty of time outside loving on Wolfie.

We took her for the first vet visit this morning.  Poor puppy survived shots which certainly traumatized the kids more than her.  They did NOT think it was fair that she needed to be poked.  Allie spent the first two days working on leash training so she would be ready for the trip.  Wolfie really behaved well.

Later in the afternoon we headed for a walk around the neighborhood.

As we walked, we attracted lots of attention and took home a couple of kids to play in the yard.  It was so warm that they ended up curled up under the trampoline in the shade.

Wolfie is certainly one well loved little lady!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Baby's first shower

When I finished work, we had just enough time for a puppy shower before we headed out for Tae Kwon Do.  Allie was eager to tackle the job.  She raced into a swim suit (note to self: take her shopping for a new one) and then took Wolfie into the downstairs walk in shower.

A little water.  A little doggie shampoo (sunflower no more tears formula). A little scrub a dub dub.

Next, she got a hugs, praise, and some soft toweling.

As a reward, a nice little chew stick.  Yummy!  What a good girl she is!

Monday, March 29, 2010

and Wolfie makes 8

When Zack was a little one, he fell in love with one particular stuffed animal of his sister's.  Aunt Chris gave her the stuffed husky (mascot of NIU) as a Christmas gift.  Allie loves all stuffed animals, but her heart was already taken by a white teddy bear.

When Zack fell in love with the husky, I purchased a couple of back ups having learned the hard way during the great teddy disaster (do not ask, we are all still traumatized).  Zack named him Wolfie and over the years added to the collection with Wolfie Jr., Wolfie Jr. Jr., and Wolfina.  All was well.

And then a few weeks ago as we were waiting for the bus, a man walked by with two huskies on leashes.  Zack's mouth fell open.  All this time, he thought his Wolfies were wolves.  He had no idea of the husky breed existed. 

Up until this point, we had been discussing adding a dog to the family over the summer.  Drew was pretty set on a lab--his childhood dog of choice.  The kids are the perfect ages, I am off over the summer, and the yard is all fenced.  The perfect time to make the move.  But, now, the breed needed to change.  It was time for a real life Wolfie.

We spent a few weeks getting ready.  Visited pet stores, read books, and the kids took a dog class.  We hoped that Spring Break would be the week we found our own Wolfie so the kids could spend all week loving him or her extra.

Today is the arrival day for puppies at our store and in came 2 new huskies.  A brother and sister pair.  We headed in to visit and fell in love with the female.  She has such a beautiful mask and the sweetest disposition.  We adore her!

Want to see?

Wolfie and her toy--isn't she a stunner?

Allie is already head over heels in love.  A bit of girl bonding happening here.

Zack tried to teach her hide and seek, but ended up with more of a game of tug.

So far, this lovie is her favorite.  Right now she is curled up with it at my feet watching me type.  Welcome to the family, little one.

Tomorrow we introduce her to the cats.  Eeek!  And for those keeping score, the women stil outnumber the men with 1 mom, 1 daughter, 2 gal cats, and a gal dog to 1 dad, 1 son, and 1 boy cat.  5 to 3. 

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Game Play

I confess to being challenge oriented.  I have always been quite competitive and have learned to use it as a motivator in my life.  Yes, I play mind games with myself.  If I finish the laundry, I can have 30 minutes of scrapping.  Survive grading midterms?  Off for a pedicure.  Finish my weekly to do list by Friday and I get Saturday off to scrap and play.

See how it works?  One of my favorite games occurs when new product arrives.  You know I am DYING to rip open the packaging and dive into the scrappy goodness.  But I stop myself.  Before I can play with new, I must head into the closet and earn the right by using the same company's previous pretties.  Once I create one layout or three cards, then I can open the new package and enjoy. 

I have new Pink Paislee.  Right here in beside me.  Teasing me.  I earned the right to open the first line and played happily with Bayberry.  But now Queen Bee is calling to me.  It wants to be opened and loved.  I grabbed my PP stash and got to work!

I headed over to 2S4U and admired Laura's sketch 48.  Lovely!  I mixed up a few different PP lines and made this card--first of the 3 I will owe myself.

Hello.  Supplies:  Paper, Journal Card, Stickers, Chipboard, Brads: Pink Paislee, Bling: Heidi Swapp, Punch: Fiskars.

Because I love to be challenged, I love trying different scrappy challenges.  Right now, I have joined a team (Go Lemondrops!) to play along with a challenge at The Greeting Farm.  I love their stamps!  It was their little girl that I had such fun making rain for last week.  The first challenge was to go retro and use a posted color scheme.  I was up first for our team and created this little girl:

Cat's Meow.  Supplies: Digital Stamp: Dressy Ebony by The Greeting Farm, Paper: Crate Paper, Cardstock: Couture Cardstock, Markers: Copic, Fonts: Franklin Gothic, Bauhaus 93, Thread: DMC, Other: feather, sequins.

There are 60 teams entered in the contest with lots of talented designers.  I cannot wait to see what everyone created!  I love the way a challenge pushes me to think a bit harder about what to create.  I hope my flapper has fun at the party!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Happy dancing and a head cold

I could not have been more excited when Sunday morning I opened 2S4U and found my card as the card of the week!  Mine.  I love 2S4U and am blown away by all of the talented ladies on their team and who contribute each week.  I still cannot believe it several days later!

Just as the good news came in, so did the germs.  I feel awful.  My head hurts, my throat is sore, and my nose is running away with me.  I find it difficult to scrap on cold meds.  It is like swimming in a cloud--slow moving and unclear.  As a result, it took me three days to master my Monday Mojo.

I loved the sketch and knew I wanted to use the cute little houses from My Little Shoebox.  And the clouds--I am addicted to cutting out their clouds lately!  I also wanted to add in a couple of buttons to play along with the ScrapStreet Blog challenge.

Welcome to the Hood.  Supplies: Paper: My Little Shoebox, Cardstock: Couture Cardstock, Ribbon: Offray, Buttons: BasicGrey, Fonts: Gordy Stout, Simple Script, Other: glitter.

Allie was sent home from school sick today and will stay home tomorrow.  Spring break starts for her on Friday, so it is an extra couple of vacation days.  We are hoping to keep the germs to ourselves and not share them with our menfolk.

I am hoping my head will clear tomorrow.  And that my throat will survive 3 lectures as it is a teaching day for me.  Sending you all smiles!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Happy Sunday!

ScrapStreet is looking for a few new scrappers to join our fantastic team!  We are looking for a couple of new team members who LOVE to create and to write.  We are looking for people who are active in scrapbooking--blogging, gallery uploads, trying new things.  People who tackle scrapping with enthusiasm!  Traditional, hybrid, digital, layout, card, and altered artists are all encouraged to apply.

The Job:
Our team publishes a monthly ezine with thousands of subscribers and a 5
year history. We love finding and showcasing talented scrappers and
beautiful products. If you are selected for our team, you will write a
monthly article which will include selecting and requesting the work of
designers, combining the work into an interesting article, and meeting your

You will also receive products at least 6 times a year from a variety of
manufacturers and will scrap several items to showcase their lines. It is
an excellent opportunity to increase your visibility in the scrapping
community while having fun.

To Apply:
Send the following to
contact information
a short statement of why you are interested in joining us.
3 of your favorite creations showcasing your style.
a link to your blog.
a link to your gallery.

We will accept applications until midnight April 10th.  Announcements will be made on Monday, April 12th.  We are so excited to add some talented new people to our family!

I scrapped last night.  All week I knew I would scrap something of Ivan.  I just did not know what it would be.  The AAM challenge this week offered a quote about letting go that really captured what I was feeling.  I flipped through pictures I have of him and came across his high school graduation shots.  When I saw the one of Ivan and Dad, I knew just what I would do.

Letting Go.  Supplies:  Paper, Die Cuts, Tape: Pink Paislee, Buttons: BasicGrey, Chipboard Alphabet: BasicGrey, Sticker Alphabet: Making Memories, Trim: Webster's Pages, Font: Rockwell Condensed, Other: thread, sewing machine.

Journaling: This is the last picture taken of the two of  you together.  It was Ivan's graduation day from high school on June 7, 1992.  you were together again a couple of times, but they were ordinary dinners with no photos to capture the moment.  Dad passed away 5 years and 10 days later.  If he had lived another 5 weeks, we would  have had a ton of pictures from my wedding, but that was not meant to be.  Ivan lived 13 years, 9 months, and 6 days after graduating.  It might sound like a lot of time, but it was an instant.  He was 31 when we said goodbye.  I have many pictures of Ivan in those years, but not as many as I would have if I had only known how few there would be.  I have learned to take pictures of the little moments now.  Last week marked the 4th anniversary without my brother or my father.  I was surprised to find that I have let go of much of the pain to make room for the memories.  I love you both.  Still.  Always.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

a little digi fun

I spent several months with absolutely no designing time or mojo.  It was painful!  Another professor needed to leave mid semester and I picked up her course.  It added hours more work planning, grading, presenting and 2 more days to my schedule.  Something had to give and the digital designing was what suffered.

Over the last couple of weeks, I attacked my designing with creativity and enthusiasm.  Everything I see seems to inspire items for a new kit.  My notebook is overflowing with jotted ideas.

This is my newest kit available in both of my stores. 

Zack inspired me with his recent obsession with gears.  He picked a new gear building toy with a gift card he received and is having a ball playing with them.  Combining them with his much loved legos, he has created entire worlds.  I love his imagination!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

I made rain

on a card and I love it!

I picked up a couple of new digi stamps from The Greeting Farm yesterday and could not wait to get out my copics.  What did I do before someone convinced me to buy these expensive, but glorious markers?  I am thinking that I need a few more soon--they are addicting.

I started with Kazan's sketch 48 from 2S4U and my new stamp and mojo just flowed.  I was stuck in a circle rut and the rectangle on the sketch helped me break out.  The Couture Cardstock blog challenge of the day is use markers--perfect.  I also started with their fabulous blending paper.

Come Rain or Come Shine.  Supplies: Paper: My Little Shoebox, Cardstock: Couture Cardstock, Digital Stamp: The Greeting Farm, Font: Kristen, Bling: Heidi Swapp, Markers: Copic, Machine: Cuttlebug (Provocraft), Dies: Spellbinders, Acetate: Recycled Packaging, Adhesive: Plaid.

The stamp is on the inside of the card while the rain is attached to the front.  I used the sheet that the bling came on and just snipped different lengths for some rain.

I wanted a ton of height so I worked the pop dots like mad.  The clouds and mushrooms are snipped from the cutest My Little Shoebox paper and put at different levels.  For the frame, I used several different spellbinder dies.

I had way too much fun with this card! Back to the scrappy desk I go.  Smooches.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The sun came out

during my nap.  What?  I am on spring break--sleep is a requirment!

I got the kids off to school and tried to focus on some work, but my brain was still on fall back time.  Coding is hard enough without thoughts coming an hour late.  *rolls eyes*  So I headed back to bed and when I woke up it was 60 out.  Fabulous.

I threw open the windows and grabbed some happy spring stamps.  I decided to play along with the Too Cute for Words color challenge.  Use green was just my mood.  As I played, it ended up being a fun scene card.  I could totally see Allie riding along feeling the freedom of spring while I scrapped.

Hello. Supplies:  Paper, Die Cuts, Brad: Crate Paper, Stamp: InStyle Stamps, Markers: Copic.

I had such fun playing with the textures and dimentions.  Here is a side view:


Hmm maybe another nap tomorrow will help me dream up some more scrappy mojo!  Smooches.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Being Happy

Is not always easy.  It is a choice.  One I make every single day on purpose.  Honestly.  I believe that life is better if I choose to be a glass almost full gal, so that is exactly what I do. 

Yes, I have been ridiculed for my choice.  Called Pollyanna.  Told that I should grow out of my cheer years by this age.  And some acquaintances have even suggested that my life has been too easy which allows me to have a happier life than their own.  Not friends--they know better.  But some people look at my blessed life and believe that I just grabbed more than my share of the Irish luck.  I guess it is easier to believe than to acknowledge that hard work and a happy attitude might just be a formula for success.

Today is the 4th anniversary of Ivan's death.  Losing a family member is always hard, but losing one younger than you adds layers of pain and regret.  My brother did not get to live nearly long enough.  And I am selfish enough to miss him for all the joy and aggravation that he brought into my life.  I miss my little brother.

Time does help.  It hurts less this year than last year.  Still, there is pain and there is choice.  I decided to put on some music and scrap.  Started by making a card to remind me to embrace happy:

Happy.  Supplies: Paper, Die Cuts, Chipboard: Crate Paper, Alphabet: American Crafts, Bling: Heidi Swapp.

It was a simple card, but one that made me smile.  I think I will send it to mom in a care package this week to bring a little joy into her world.  She could use some, for sure.

I took some time with the family, scrubbed a floor until it shined, and had some yummy TGIFriday's for dinner.  Now I am back to create some more for few things make me happier than scrapping!

Thanks for stopping by.

Friday, March 12, 2010

I declare it Spring!

No, I am not a meteorologist.  I do not work for Mother Nature.  I have no weather powers to speak of, but still I am ready to make this bold statement.

Today was day 3 of above 50 degree temps here in beautiful Chicagoland.  And the first day of what we jokingly call Spring Break.  As a student at Tulane University in sunny New Orleans, spring break was a glorious whirlwind of parties, day trips, and outdoor fun.  Midwestern college break is a different kettle of frozen fish sticks.  The lucky pack a bag and head for a warm destination.  Those of us left behind prepare to hunker inside, watch the snow fall, and try to find motivation for spring cleaning.

Three days of warm and springy weather complete with sporadic rain (but not snow!) has me skipping through the day with a smile on my face.  Allie and Zack had Thursday and Friday off of school and have spent every possible moment outside.  They are mud covered, but happy.

The realist in me knows that one more snow is inevitable, but I am willing to ignore that little voice for as long as the weather holds.  Who knows, I might even find motivation for a little spring cleaning later in the week.  Right now what I am in the mood for is taking a ton of pictures of the kids and scrapping some spring--bright colors, fun patterns, and HAPPY!

First up on my spring scrapping is a card using Laura's Sketch 47 from 2S4U.  I am in a scalloped circle place these last 2 weeks and this sketch fit me perfectly.  My new Jillibean Soup yummies arrived this week and I fell madly, deeply in love with this little chick on one of the journaling cards.  Is she not the cutest you have ever seen?  I enlarged her, traced her, and cut her out as the centerpiece of my card.

Pick me!  Papers, Cardstock, Die Cut, Trim: Jillibean Soup, Rub-On: Sweetwater, Pearls: Kaisercraft, Flag: Nikki Sivils, Marker: Copic, Sketch: 2S4U.

I popped her and the flag up a bit to give more dimension:

This chick is as ready for spring as I am! 

Monday, March 8, 2010

i or e?

A common question in an English course.  Spelling is painful for so many students and they struggle to remember all of those little rhymes from elementary school.  I before E except after C or when sounded like a as in neighbor or weigh--remember that one?  Last week, my students learned a new i or e dilemna.

Each week brings a short story to read, annotate, discuss, and dissect.  To aid in comprehension, I select 15 words from the passage to be the vocabulary list.  Students need to define and learn the words.  A little rudimentary for college, but effective.

When they study them, that is.

This week the word complement appeared on the list.  It was accompanied by far more difficult choices, so many students took the easy route and assumed they knew the meaning.  "To say nice things to someone," student after student explained incorrectly.  "Not with an i, with an e," I hinted.

No response.  Complement:  to go well together.  For example:  if I am blending a margarita tonight, I would not choose chocolate pudding as a side item.  Chips and guacamole would complement my drink far better.  They have a midterm on Thursday and I am hoping they have mastered this little I/E lesson.

I love visiting blogs of creative people so I can compliment them on the way their design elements complement each other.  I bookmarked a bunch of fabulous sites during the Bella/Jillibean/Nikki Blog Crawl this weekend.  I even won a prize from one of the blogs I loved.  How cool is that?

I had a fantastically busy day with lots of housework and midterm exam prep, but still managed to put together a couple of cards.  This one was just a quickie:

Mischief.  Supplies:  Paper, Die Cuts: Sassafrass Lass, Rub-On: Kaisercraft.

I bought a new digi stamp from Mo's Digital Pencil that is too cute for words.  One of those ones that I just HAD to scrap right away.  I decided to mix it with Challenge 102--Lucky Green from Cute Card Thursday and today's Couture Cardstock Blog Challenge.  One card with green, paint, and a darling digi stamp coming up:

Got game?  Supplies: Cardstock: Couture Cardstock, Paper, Die Cut: G.C.D Studios, Bling: Kaisercraft, Stickers: Making Memories, Alphabet: BasicGrey, Digital Stamp: Mo's Digital Pencil Shop, Markers: Copic.

Time to run!  I have Big Bang Theory on tivo and a hubby waiting to laugh with me.  Smooches!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Just me.

Me.  I scrapped about me today.  Well, actually it took two days for me to finish.  I designed and typed yesterday, but created and embellished today.  Like many scrappers, I rarely do pages about myself or Drew.  I always mean to make more, but the kids go and do something funny and mojo is off and running.

I bopped on over to the All About Me Challenge blog where my crazily talented friend Stacey is guest designer this month. The challenge is an interesting one--take a personality test and figure out what words, colors, things best describe your personality.

I confess that I am a nerd who loves all kinds of tests.  As a teacher, I use a variety of self testing so my students can determine how they best learn, perform, study, and deal with stress.  I know from years of taking tests that I am a contradiction.  I am not a left brain or a right brain, but a combo platter.  I am a little of this and a little of that.  My brain is a buffet.  I do equally well with English and Math, but should not ever be given an instrument of any kind.

I decided to scrap one of my favorite school words--paradox.  It means a statement that contradicts itself, but is still true.  I torture students every semester until they can spout paradoxes in every piece of literature that they come across easily.  I scrapped 5 paradoxes that perfectly describe me!

The present truck or UPS to normal people arrived yesterday bringing some fabulous brand new Jillibean Soup goodies.  I had them out on my desk and knew that some of the goodies would be leaping onto my page.  With new must come old on a paradox page, so I grabbed some fancy Pink Paislee brads that are a few collections back yet still delicious.

Before I started putting the page together today, I headed over to Couture Cardstock to peek at their daily challenge.  Stitching--perfect.  I pulled out my machine and got to work.

Paradox.  Supplies:  Paper: My Mind's Eye, My Little Shoebox, Cardstock, Alphabet, Ribbon: Jillibean Soup, Bling: Kaisercraft, Flowers: Prima Marketing, American Crafts, Buttons: BasicGrey, Ribbon: Cosmo Cricket, Brads: Pink Paislee, Journal Card: Little Yellow Bicycle, Font: Ariel, Pin: JoAnn Essentials, Other: stitching.

Jouraling:  I am: 1.  analytically creative 2.  an outgoing introvert  3.  an organized slob  4.  a girly tomboy  5.  childishly mature.
paradox--noun.  a statement or proposition that seems self-contradictory or absurd but in reality expresses a possible truth.
At the beginning of every semester, I introduce this fun little word to my freshman English students.  We use it as we analyze readings, discuss argument topics, and examine current events.  The final paper asks students to explain their personal paradoxes.  I love reading these insights into my students after four months of immersion in the world of contradictory truth.

I am so glad that I took this challenge!  I really love this page.  The My Little Shoebox paper is pretty disguised--I flipped it backwards and trimmed the center out of the circle.  With a little stitching it made the perfect frame and played a paradox of circle to my center block.  I am heading back to play with more of their cute products.  hmmm wonder if I can make a card out of the paper from the center of that circle . . . .

Happy Saturday!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Channeling Spring

today with a butterfly, a bloom, and a bit of sunshine yellow. 

I taught today and all three classes were brilliant!  We were discussing Faulkner's "A Rose for Emily" in all of its gruesome glory.  For those who have not had the joy of reading this short story, think of it as an early version of "Snapped".  A young woman realizes her beloved is not going to marry her, so she poisons him and sleeps spooned with his dead body for the next 40 years.  Emily took "until death do us part" a few exits too far down the highway of crazy. 

Today was day two of the discussion and each student needed to bring a theme with three specific story examples.  Every single student found a great one and a fantastic chat ensued.  There was shouting out, helping, arguments, and laughter--I could not be more proud.

Normally, I am exhausted by Thursday afternoon and my creative gauge is empty, but today I came home ready to play.  I raced in to the Couture Cardstock blog to check out the challenge of the day.  Are y'all playing along?  Today’s Challenge: Use a butterfly or other bug somewhere on your project!  Excellent!  I have lots of little critters waiting to be scrapped. 

Wanting to continue my theme this week of doubling up on challenges, I also headed over to Embellish Magazine Blog for the color challenge.  I have peeked at them over the past couple of months and love the pretty inspiration photos. 

I promised myself that this would be the week NO MATTER WHAT.  And then I clicked and found THOSE colors.  The ones that I struggle to use--yellow and peach.  Could I actually use yellow three days in one week?  Yes, I can!  I can do anything today!  And I have plenty of items in these colors since I rarely use them.  Bonus. 

The second part of the challenge is to use border punches.  I have been obsessed with these lately.  I have 4 that I use on almost every layout lately.  LOVE.  I decided to layer three borders and then run them through the Cuttlebug with a Spellbinders die to make this fun flower.  I am going to try this technique again, for sure.

Sweet.  Supplies: Cardstock: Couture Cardstock, Paper: My Mind's Eye, Die Cut:  My Mind's Eye, Butterfly: Cosmo Cricket, Pearls: Kaisercraft, Bling: Heidi Swap, Punch: Fiskars, Die: Spellbinders, Tool: Cuttlebug.

A good day all around!  I hope yours was every bit as fantastic!  Smooches!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

a little luck

Today is freebie day on the ScrapStreet blog with a little word art to download. 

I love hybrid card making.  I confess to having a lovely carousel of traditional stamps.  I used to only buy words, so I could use them over and over on my cards.  Now, I am the exact opposite.  I buy the cutest little images--especially digital ones--and then type up and print out my words.  Every once in a while I spin the stamp carousel to keep the dust off, but sadly I rarely reach for a sentiment.  Hmmm maybe I should pull out a different one each week to use?

Today I started with the Luck word art and then purchased a Mo stamp that I have had my eye on for a bit.  I could not resist this darling girl.  Honestly, I am so in love with the artwork of Maurie J Manning.  Ok, and more than a bit jealous.  I would LOVE to draw like her!

And since I am having an absolute ball playing along with the Couture Cardstock challenges, I had to race over and see what to scrap today.  Color me thrilled!  Today is:  create a project with something you print yourself.  Look up and see the stars as they align.

Just to round out the inspiration, I popped by Mojo Monday for this week's sketch.  When I put everything together, I created this card:

and a closer look: 


Lucky Charm.  Supplies: Paper: My Little Shoebox, Digital Stamps: Mo's Digital Pencil, Dora's Lemonlove Creations, Pearls: Kaisercraft, Markers: Copic, Dies: (Spellbinders), Tool: Cuttlebug, Adhesive: Popdots.

I was so excited after scrapping this fun card that I finished a layout, too.  I still need to take pictures of it, though.  

Happy Wednesday!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Buzzing About

What a wonderful day!

I know it is crazy, but I am a Monday person.  I get more done on Monday than several other days put together.  I also love the first day of the month.  I flip the calendar over and there are so many possibilities.  Ahhh.  To have the first of the month on a Monday?  Heaven.

On top of all this goodness, today is the first day I can SEE.  I had Lasik on Saturday on both eyes and it went well.  I was on restricted computer/reading/eye straining activities for the past week.  The first few days were because I needed to wear glasses instead of my contacts before surgery and they were a really old prescription.  I could not see much of anything. 

Of course, when you are told you cannot do something, you want to do it more.  I was not allowed on the computer, yet a fabulous idea for a new digi kit hit me.  I could not do close up work, so I desperately wanted to play with my copics.  I could not read, so my favorite author's latest book hit the shelves right next to the pharmacy window where I waited for my eye drops.

See the pattern?

Today I jumped out of bed and hit my chores at full speed.  By lunchtime, I was able to sit down and read the March Issue of Magazine:


Feeling inspired, I stopped by 2S4U to see the sketch of the week.  Kazan's sketch 47 sparked a fun card idea.

I had some darling instyle digi stamps that I won a couple of months back.  I used cute Bendy in her bumble bee costume and my beloved copics.  

One more blog stop led me over to Couture Cardstock.  Have you stopped by there yet?  I am obsessed with them now.  ScrapStreet will be featuring their fabulous papers in an upcoming issue and we are having a blast with them.  They are simply luscious!  Today was my first try coloring on Couture Blending Paper and it is copic fabulous!  They are hosting a Month Long Party!  Today's challenge is to use yellow.  Perfect!


Supplies: Cardstock (yellow): Crate Paper, (black): Couture Cardstock, White Blending Paper: Couture Cardstock, Stamp: Instyle Stamps, Rub ons: Sweetwater, October Afternoon, Bling: Heidi Swapp, Punch: Martha Stewart, Die: Spellbinders, Tools: Cuttlebug, Scor-it, Other: rickrack.

Put all of this together and you get my BEEutiful You card.   Exactly what I needed on such a beautiful Monday.

Have a super day!

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