Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Five Faves

Time to share a few things that I am loving right now!  I find this one of my fave scrappy pages to look back on.  Just a few months and it changes.  I really wish I had a list for every year of my life.  How totally cool would that be?

1)  My new iphone.  Ok, I have had it all of one day, so I better love it.  However, if I did not list my iphone, it would have been my itouch.  It was a Christmas present from mom and I have been in total love with it.  Now that I upgraded to the phone, Allie is the proud owner of my touch and is absolutely loving it.

2)  My new cocktail.  Cucumber Cilantro Margarita.  I know.  It sounds totally strange, but it is YUMMY!  It actually does not taste like a margarita (which I love) but has this really unique mix of  flavors--a little sweet, a little tart.

3)  My students.  Both my current ones and the ones that stop by to visit.  I really really love my job and that is something that I love to be able to say.  It totally keeps me sharp to be around the 18-25yo peeps so often.

4)  Hellcats.  I admit to being a tv junkie.  I have a ton of fave shows for every mood, but Hellcats is my guilty pleasure.  And my workout motivator.  After an hour of looking at their little cheerleader abs, I am totally ready for my crunches.

5)  40.  Yep.  You read that right.  I am loving being 40.  I feel strong and healthy.  I have a new sense of contentment--I know who I am and no longer feel the need to prove it to anyone. 

So, what are you loving right now?

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Look, Mom. It snowed!

Ok, grumbling first.  Isn't the purpose of canceling school the night before to allow mommies to sleep in?  Someone forgot to mention it to my kids who wanted to go out at bright and early.  *yawn*  Convinced them to let me make them eggs first so they had something warm in the tummies.

We knew it was Blizzard Watch 2011.  Supposed to be one of the worst storms ever in a city that does not get excited about snow.  Actually the first snow day Zack has ever had--in 3 years of school.  Not really sure how many inches we have.  The official total for our town is 17 inches.  But it is still snowing and it is blowing.  one side of our yard is four feet deep.  The other side more like 6 inches.  It is a bit crazy.

This is the view from my door.  The fence is 4ft.  The bbq is on blocks so it is 6ft. 

I must say that Wolfie loves it.  She keeps whining at the door wanting to go back out into it.  If you live here, a husky is the perfect dog choice.  The kids love it, too.  They are out and playing in the madness.  Allie admired the snow before heading out:

and here she is ready to head out into the frozen tundra:

Here they are.  My little snow bunnies playing in waist deep snow.

The town is closed down for today--shocking to those of us who are used to snow, snow, and more snow.  I wonder if it will continue tomorrow or if we will be back to normal.  The word from the weather dudes is that it will soon be too cold to snow more.

Uhm, goody?
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