Wednesday, August 25, 2010


As in the first day!  (ok, so my first day was yesterday, but the kids started today)  They were more than just a little excited.  Check out the calendar page:

Allie's alarm went off first.  The Jr. High bus comes at 7:15 and she definitely did not want to miss it on her very first day as a 6th grader.  I thought she would be more nervous, but she was calm and prepared.  She memorized all of her codes and combinations, had her gym clothes bag over one shoulder, and her new backpack over the other.

Zack just could not stay in bed, so he popped up and joined us for breakfast.  And then grabbed Wolfie for the walk to the bus stop.  This is the ONLY day I was allowed to go with Allie. (gee, twist my arm and force me to stay inside on those frigid winter days). 

Once she was safely on the bus, we had half an hour to kill before Zack's bus.  He posed for plenty of pictures of his new shoes and of his old backpack.  Yep.  Third year of the same pack.  Boys are SO different from girls.  He just says, "it is still my favorite color."  Exciting favorite colors--black and gray.  *rolls eyes*

At 7:45, he was on the bus and I was in my truck dashing to the elementary school.  As he exited the bus, we walked together to the playground to find his teacher for the first time.  It is madness!  800 kids and many parents all milling around together.  Finally, he was in line and marching in and I was off to grab a coke and celebrate with some back to school scrapping.  Ahhh a quiet house.

*looks over at Wolfie*  mostly quiet.

I know that I should say that I sniffed back a few tears, but I refuse to lie to you.  I love the routine of school and seeing the kids challenged. 

Someone remind me of that when I sit down to do Algebra homework with Allie, ok?

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