Monday, August 9, 2010

3 months later . . .

I have now used my Silhouette!

I resisted buying a cutter for a long, long time.  I knew that I did not want something that would use cartridges since I am not great about using the same images over and over.  Wanting a true work with the computer digital cutter, I waited and waited.

For Mother's Day/National Scrapbooking Day (it is TOO a holiday worthy of gifts) I got the fabulous Silhoette SD.  And loaded the software in it the same day.  Unfortunately, I also downloaded a free digi kit with bonus virus the same day.  A week later, the puter was clean, but the software needed reloading.  And life got busy.

So I put it off. 

Until CHA when I eagerly headed to the booth to figure out how to work the darling machine.  Oh, and to order more supplies, of course.  I had Lauren with me and she went nuts over the tshirts they had on display.  Apparently, the heat transfer and bling applications were totally teen approved.

I loaded the software.  Peeked around the site.  Purchased some red vinyl and made letters for the magnet boards in my office.  Cute and easy.  Yay!

So I showed the kids the images and let each pick 2 along with 2 colors of heat transfer.  And I made tshirts.  And yes, dear friends, that means I ironed.  Shhh! Don't tell Drew that I know how.

Zack, in typical boy fashion, chose a shield and a mythical creature.  In total Zack fashion, he also wanted bling.

Allie created this darling caged heart design.  I totally need to print this in paper for a card!

It is hard to see in this shot, but I added bling to the heart.  She loves it!  I cannot wait to start designing more! 


  1. YAY! They turned out AMAZING! (oh and I told you so. :P)

  2. CUTE!!!!!! I'm so glad you finally used that poor neglected machine! Now you won't be able to stop.... hehehehehehe...

  3. wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! these are fab dora!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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