Thursday, March 24, 2011

Sketching Crate

My desk is covered with gorgeous new Crate Paper products and I could not be happier!  I just adore them--every single collection.  Today, I decided to try the current Crate Sketch:

I flipped it on its side and worked it without flowers and using Portrait collection.  I have had these two wedding photos unscrapped for 13 years now!  This was the perfect moment to pull them out and play.  I wanted a pop of blue so I used a Copic marker to color the bling and the pearls.  I love the little pops!

Supplies: Paper, Die Cuts, Chipboard, Trim, Stickers, Buttons: Crate Paper, Alphabet: American Crafts, Font: Shannon, Bling: Kaisercraft, Marker: Copic, Other: thread.  Tools:  Sewing Machine: Brother, Punch: Fiskars.

Journaling:  Of all of our wedding pictures, these two remain my favorites.  They show our wedding party for their true selves.  A little bit of elegance hiding the screwballs that we love so much.  Above all, our wedding kicked off our life together with a celebration.

Thanks for stopping by!  Have a super day!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Happy Hump Day--Freebie!

Howdy all!  How is your mid week treating you?  I am looking out the window watching the crazy Chicago weather.  We have had 70 degrees, rain, sleet, and snow all rolled into 3 days.  Insanity!

Last week I was on "spring" break (we midwestern college folks use that term very loosely) which usually amounts to spring cleaning week for me.  My kids have a different schedule and I am not the type to pull them out of school to race off to a tropical location--though it was tempting!

First up on my cleaning list was the mudroom.  Although (looks out window in disgust) we still get snow in March and even April, it wont be the heavy snow pants type.  I cleared out all of the serious winter gear and broke out the lighter jackets and rain gear.  As I was sorting, I noticed just how into hats my kids are.  We have winter hats, ball caps, cowboy hats, holiday hats, silly hats, stylish hats--the list goes on and on.

It is completely my fault.  See, when my daughter was born she was completely bald.  She could have doubled as Mr. Clean's love child.  And she stayed that way until after her SECOND birthday.  Just a little soft blond fuzz.  What is a mom to do?  Buy hats!

After looking at the collection, I was inspired to make a little mini kit to share.  Maybe I am not the only one that has a bunch of pictures of kids in happening hats. Hat's Off to all of you!

Downloads:  {papers}     {elements}  
Please understand that this kit is for you to download and enjoy.  As with all of our freebies, you may NOT upload them and post them in any other location.  I know it seems horrible that I have to type this, but our site is being pirated with each freebie we post.  Please download with respect.  Thanks.   

Monday, March 21, 2011

I am a bad blogger

and I am not sure why.  Let's take the quiz, shall we?

Blogger Aptitude Quiz:

1.  Your level of comfort with a computer is:
a.  what's a computer?  
b.  I compute   
c.  I *heart* my computer      
d.  if left on a deserted island you Macgyver one together from coconuts and duct tape

2.  You are online:
a.  never   
b.  once a week   
c.  once a day      
d.  your smart phone is attached to your hand

3.  Your friends would describe you as:
a.  quiet    
b.  speak only when spoken to    
c. a talker     
d. you can have an entertaining chat with a turnip

4.  When it comes to writing:
a.  you hate it   
b.  you can manage with spell check  
c.  duh, it was your major       
d. even your grocery list reads like an episode of Falcon Crest

5.  Your amount of free time per week is:
a.  does on the potty count?    
b.  an hour or two  
c.   you have time      
d.  shhh we shouldn't talk about it

Eeeek!  Hmmm apparently there is no real excuse for my bad blogging.

*lifts right hand and places other on copy of Blogging for Dummies*

I hereby solemnly swear to blog daily  more than I have been.  Really!

I even have a layout to share today.  Made with this month's Kit featuring the fabulous My Little Yellow Bicycle.  When I first looked at the goodies, I thought girl, girl, girl!  When I pulled it out, though, this photo of my Zack jumped off of my photo board at me.

Favorite Friday.  Supplies:  Paper, Stickers, Die Cuts: My Little Yellow Bicycle, Die Cuts: Jillibean Soup, Buttons: BasicGrey, Font: Traveling Typewriter, Other: thread.  Tools:  Sewing Machine: Brother.

Journaling: This was your favorite day of the summer--baseball at Wrigley Field.  As a new Little League player, you are starting to love and understand the game.  I am sorry to tell you that being a Cubs fan brings plenty of frustration along with the joy.  If you can remember to enjoy the warm sun on your face and the cold drink in your hand while you watch the boys of summer play, you will be ok.  If you want them to win, well . . .
Until next time!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Free print!

Ready for a bonus freebie?  Our amazing friends at Persnickety Prints offered our readers a special gift--a free 12x12 print with no strings attached.  Just use the code scrapstreet at checkout.  If you have not used Persnickety Prints, you really need to give them a try--you will be more than satisfied!

Have a great day!
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