Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Ready to scrap again


I had the bestest time with all of my ScrapStreet girls during CHA.  I was super excited to get to meet 3 of our newer staffers:  Pamela, Melissa, and Diana.  It is always soooooo much fun to get real hugs from people I get to know online.  Or "imaginary friends" as my family calls them.  Stacey, Bri, Terry, Heather, and Janice all zipped on over to Hotel Dora for another go around.  It is always such fun when we are together.  I swear we go from giggles to naughty to scrapping to mommyhood in the blink of an eye during conversations.  To anyone else, it would make no sense at all.

Now they are all back home and it is time to get my mojo up and running again.  I HAVE scrapped this summer, but with the nieces in for 7 weeks and my own kids home, I only just met my commitments instead of getting to play.  Today, I will put my scrap desk back together.  It is actually a twin bed, but I built a wooden cover for it giving me LOTS of scrappy space.  Love it!

I got a new tv for my scrappy room for my birthday present.  Early.  It is all installed and will save me a bunch of room on my desk since it is wall mounted.  Which means I will spend some of today reconfiguring my desktop.  I love organizing scrappy goodies!

Off I go to organize and then scrap!


  1. It was SO good to get to meet you! Thanks for letting me crash at your place. :) Hope you were able to get things cleaned up and have your scrap room back. I haven't scrapped since I got back yet. :(


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