Saturday, August 14, 2010

4 simple goals

Elsie's blog has long been a fave of mine.  I love her retro mixed with fun style and her upbeat attitude always makes me smile.  A couple of days ago, she posted a bit of a challenge that was JUST what I needed.  4 simple goal for the end of the year.  Perfect!

I need a little something to get me motivated along with back to school (and back to work for me) time.  I took a couple of days to think of just what I really could commit to strongly.  Here they are--my goals:

1.  Drink water daily. 

Although I prefer Coke at all times, I will drink water with lemon, but I have to remember to make it.  And to make it EVERY day.

2.  Take pics of ME.

I am doing a great job of documenting my kids' lives, but I realize that I would love to know what my own mom was thinking/doing/feeling when she was raising us.  I look at my books and realize that I am missing from so many of them.  I can do this!  To start, I am taking this photography class.  Looks so cool!

3. Play more.

With the kids, with the husband, with my scrapping--I want to be a bit more free and a little less structured.  No, not abandon the schedule entirely as that would kill me, but make room for some more time to just play.

4.  Blog better.

Ok, I know that "better" is not a measurable term.  I want to blog at least 4x per week.  And have the blogs share more of me than just the pretties I make.  I need to add my digi in more and stories from my life, too.

Thanks for the inspiration, Elsie!

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