Friday, September 24, 2010

Once upon a time

I used to sew.  I taught myself during my high school years out of necessity.  My family did not have the money to keep up with the cool kids in clothes shopping.  What I lacked in funds, I made up for in creativity and ingenuity.  I started with clothes purchased at garage sales and would turn them into something new.  Many a pair of pants became fabulous 80's mini skirts with a bit of sewing machine magic.

Later I moved on to buying material and starting from scratch.  Only I never learned properly.  I still find patterns to be more trouble than they are worth.  *waits for real sewing peeps to go thud*  Yep.  I just look at material and make things that fit me.  Of course, I could not sew without a live model, but I did create items for friends and later my kids.  Often during my high school teaching years, I would help girls turn thrift finds into prom gowns. 

I spent a little time quilting.  I made a few blankets for family, but never really found it to be the right creative outlet for me.  When I discovered scrapbooking, I boxed up my sewing machines and tucked them into the closet.  However, years (and several scrapping styles) later, I brought one back out and began stitching on my layouts.  And it felt just exactly right. 

The layouts I love best have 3 elements:  journaling, stitching, and shine.  Yep.  I like a bit of fashion in my scrapping.  Knowing this about myself lets me create easier.  I zipped this layout out in only a few minutes and loved it fore it's simplicity.  Wanna see?

Irish by Dora Phillips
Supplies: Paper, Stickers: Sassafras Lass, Letters: American Crafts, Cardstock: Bazzill Basics Paper, Markers: Copic, Bling: Heidi Swapp, Sewing Machine: Brother, Other: thread, buttons.

Journaling: Every Irish girl loves St. Pat's Day.  You don your green with pride.


  1. cool! love the stitched circle with the black thingies (what are those?)

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