Thursday, September 23, 2010

Dog Gone Cute!

Is the name of my new kit and I am loving it.  I really am surprised how long it took me since we brought Wolfie home to design a doggie kit.  Over the last 4 months I have taken a ton of photos of our darling--and insane--new family member.
Honestly, as soon as someone tells me that dogs never do that, Wolfie does it.  She will pee in her bed while in it.  Ok, so that is not her fault--she is incontinent and on medication now.  She refuses to potty on a walk.  I have this cute little bag filled bone attached to her leash and have never whipped out a bag.  She gobbles her meds down, but won't touch bacon flavored treats.  Who doesn't like bacon?  Every day is a new adventure with this darling.

One thing she is for certain--a total girly girl.  She adores her stuffed friends.  Her babies.  She will chew on anything--my scrapbooks, a tree trunk, various veggies from the garden--but she does not chew up her babies.  She adores them.  Here is a layout with her current favorite baby.

Froggy Love.  Digital Supplies:  Kit: Dog Gone Cute by Dora Phillips, Fonts: Traveling Typewriter, Sweetheart Script.
Journaling: Wolfy loves her soft friends more than any other toy.  She carries them everywhere and refuses to sleep without one.  Froggy is her favorite--this week!

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