Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I am lucky.  My kids are absolutely adorable and really fun to be with.  I am totally enjoying these kid years.  Although they definitely love hanging together and have a bunch of similiarities, they are definitely in different places in maturity.  Sadly, Allie (big jr high girl that she is) figured out that all of the magical little fairies and creatures of her childhood do not really live in our house.  Or visit.  She happily said goodbye to the tooth fairy, Santa, and all of their friends.  Especially the Easter bunny.  She never could quite rationalized rabbits and eggs in that brain of hers.

As a nonbeliever, she was immediately promoted to house fairy.  It is now her job to trade out teeth for cash.  Her job to eat Santa's cookies.  And her job to wreck havok on the house as Lucky the leprechaun.  This spring, she had an absolute blast leading Zack on a merry chase to capture the gold.  I have always enjoyed this holiday and game, but she definitely took it up a notch.  He was one BUSY leprechaun.

My favorite or her ideas had to be the paint footprints leading from a window to under the couch.  Zack just beamed when he found them!  I cannot wait to see what she comes up with next year!

Lucky by Dora Phillips
Supplies: Paper: Crate Paper, Buttons: BasicGrey. Letters: American Crafts, Die Cuts: Crate Paper, Font: Traveling Typewriter, Ink: Colorbox, Sweing Machine:  Brother, Other: thread.

Journaling: Every year on St. Patrick's Day, our resident leprechaun, Lucky, spends the day playing tricks on our family.  He dyes toilet water green, hides shoes, short sheets beds, and loves making a mess.  He also leaves little presents behind.  All day long we chase him hoping to get his gold.  Sadly, footprints and shamrock glitter are the closest we have gotten so far.

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