Sunday, September 12, 2010

Are you ready for some FOOTBALL?!?!!!!

I so am.  The only reason I can let summer end is to bring on football season.  Yes, I do love football.  Not only do I not mind the husband having a fantasy team, but he does not mind me having one.  I know.  I look blond and clueless, but never underestimate a gal who grew up in the 70's outside of Pittsburgh.

Which makes me--and my family--Steeler fans.


As gametime approached, we got all dressed and ready for our pregame photo shoot.  Daddy and friends were off playing a morning round of golf, so it was just Team Mommy.  And Wolfie.  Puppy is new to the concept of football.  She refused to wear her kerchief.  And had no interest in sitting pretty for a photo.  She did, however, do her best to make us giggle.

Finally, kickoff time rolled around.  The house is full of people ready to watch our NFL package.  Laptops are opened.  Chatter begins.  Chips and beverages make the rounds.  The kids head upstairs or outside to play checking in now and again for scores.  None of them are really ready to watch full time yet, but they do enjoy cheering with us.

And they look really cute in the Steeler gear.


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