Monday, March 29, 2010

and Wolfie makes 8

When Zack was a little one, he fell in love with one particular stuffed animal of his sister's.  Aunt Chris gave her the stuffed husky (mascot of NIU) as a Christmas gift.  Allie loves all stuffed animals, but her heart was already taken by a white teddy bear.

When Zack fell in love with the husky, I purchased a couple of back ups having learned the hard way during the great teddy disaster (do not ask, we are all still traumatized).  Zack named him Wolfie and over the years added to the collection with Wolfie Jr., Wolfie Jr. Jr., and Wolfina.  All was well.

And then a few weeks ago as we were waiting for the bus, a man walked by with two huskies on leashes.  Zack's mouth fell open.  All this time, he thought his Wolfies were wolves.  He had no idea of the husky breed existed. 

Up until this point, we had been discussing adding a dog to the family over the summer.  Drew was pretty set on a lab--his childhood dog of choice.  The kids are the perfect ages, I am off over the summer, and the yard is all fenced.  The perfect time to make the move.  But, now, the breed needed to change.  It was time for a real life Wolfie.

We spent a few weeks getting ready.  Visited pet stores, read books, and the kids took a dog class.  We hoped that Spring Break would be the week we found our own Wolfie so the kids could spend all week loving him or her extra.

Today is the arrival day for puppies at our store and in came 2 new huskies.  A brother and sister pair.  We headed in to visit and fell in love with the female.  She has such a beautiful mask and the sweetest disposition.  We adore her!

Want to see?

Wolfie and her toy--isn't she a stunner?

Allie is already head over heels in love.  A bit of girl bonding happening here.

Zack tried to teach her hide and seek, but ended up with more of a game of tug.

So far, this lovie is her favorite.  Right now she is curled up with it at my feet watching me type.  Welcome to the family, little one.

Tomorrow we introduce her to the cats.  Eeek!  And for those keeping score, the women stil outnumber the men with 1 mom, 1 daughter, 2 gal cats, and a gal dog to 1 dad, 1 son, and 1 boy cat.  5 to 3. 


  1. Oh my gosh she is beautiful! Perfect addition to the family! Congrats Phillips Family and Welcome Wolfie!


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