Saturday, March 13, 2010

Being Happy

Is not always easy.  It is a choice.  One I make every single day on purpose.  Honestly.  I believe that life is better if I choose to be a glass almost full gal, so that is exactly what I do. 

Yes, I have been ridiculed for my choice.  Called Pollyanna.  Told that I should grow out of my cheer years by this age.  And some acquaintances have even suggested that my life has been too easy which allows me to have a happier life than their own.  Not friends--they know better.  But some people look at my blessed life and believe that I just grabbed more than my share of the Irish luck.  I guess it is easier to believe than to acknowledge that hard work and a happy attitude might just be a formula for success.

Today is the 4th anniversary of Ivan's death.  Losing a family member is always hard, but losing one younger than you adds layers of pain and regret.  My brother did not get to live nearly long enough.  And I am selfish enough to miss him for all the joy and aggravation that he brought into my life.  I miss my little brother.

Time does help.  It hurts less this year than last year.  Still, there is pain and there is choice.  I decided to put on some music and scrap.  Started by making a card to remind me to embrace happy:

Happy.  Supplies: Paper, Die Cuts, Chipboard: Crate Paper, Alphabet: American Crafts, Bling: Heidi Swapp.

It was a simple card, but one that made me smile.  I think I will send it to mom in a care package this week to bring a little joy into her world.  She could use some, for sure.

I took some time with the family, scrubbed a floor until it shined, and had some yummy TGIFriday's for dinner.  Now I am back to create some more for few things make me happier than scrapping!

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