Wednesday, March 31, 2010

More Wolfie Love

Hmm.  I remember when I used to share scrappy goodies on here.  Of course, that was pre-puppy.  I am pretty sure I will be back to it soon, but today the sun shone brightly and the weather reached an amazing 71.  A shocker for March in the Chicagoland area.

The kids are definitely getting the most out of spring break this year!  Zack spent plenty of time outside loving on Wolfie.

We took her for the first vet visit this morning.  Poor puppy survived shots which certainly traumatized the kids more than her.  They did NOT think it was fair that she needed to be poked.  Allie spent the first two days working on leash training so she would be ready for the trip.  Wolfie really behaved well.

Later in the afternoon we headed for a walk around the neighborhood.

As we walked, we attracted lots of attention and took home a couple of kids to play in the yard.  It was so warm that they ended up curled up under the trampoline in the shade.

Wolfie is certainly one well loved little lady!


  1. Beautiful dog and what great pics! I love pics outside in the spring, everything looks so fresh and Happy :)


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