Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Fabulous Fall!

I live in "The Arboretum Village" according to all of the publicity put together by the town and yet I had never been to visit The Morton Arboretum.  No, I do not have a good excuse.  I live moments from it.  I drive by it constantly.  I receive info about events by mail.  The kids enjoy each field trip to the arboretum at school.

This fall when the event flyer came, I put it on the calendar instead of tossing it in the recycle bin.  We are enjoying such beautiful fall weather that I wanted to enjoy a Saturday wandering through the woods.  I am soooo glad that we went!

The scheduled Saturday events included a taffy apple bar and a scarecrow walk.  Sounded great.  There are miles and miles of trails to walk, bike, or drive.  Different themes for each hike with different trees.  Zack loved China--seeing the trees that grow native to that country just tickled him.  Allie loved the Great Plains finding miles of golden wheat to be stunning.  Both enjoyed playing a bit in the kids area.  Here is Allie climbing a bit:

All along a lake stood scarecrows created by different scout troops.  Zack fell in love with a frog:

And Allie with a hippy gal (of course):

I have a ton of fabulous shots to play with over the next few scrappy days.  Tons of textures for my digi creating.  Some items to extract.  And lots of pictures to print and enjoy.  I loved it so much that I upgraded our day pass for an annual one.  My poor kids are going to spend lots of time doing photo shoots in the arboretum!

Here is one of my favorites from the day:


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