Sunday, October 17, 2010


I am back from Palm Springs--did you miss me?  Ok, so no one knew I was gone.  Every once in a while, I see something about safety and the internet that freaks me out with insistence that we should not be so visible.  Recommendations that we never show pictures of our kids online just do not work for me.  After all, I run an online scrapbooking website.  How would that work?

But I did decide that it is not a great idea to announce that I am leaving the kids home with Grandma while I travel away for a few days, so I kept it on the down low.  The kids had an absolutely fabulous time with a mix of Aunts, Uncles, and Grandparents.  They made it to Great America and the Field Museum over the long weekend.  I am grateful to have inlaws that love spending time with my kids.

I had a relaxing time enjoying sunshine and warmth.  I spent some time reading at the pool.  Had a massage.  Danced for hours with good friends.  And the highlight was falling madly in love with my friend Michelle's darling 4yo son Corey.  We met for some Starbucks (naturally) and had a couple of hours to chat.  Corey taught me to use his personal laptop, drew pictures of me, and showered me with flowers.  What a charmer!

It is always nice to be in the company of other women.  I honestly believe we NEED that.  After all, who else would notice that I changed my hair color, dropped 8 pounds, and worked out harder after that magical 40th birthday so that I look "great for this age"?  And who else could understand that I feel completely differently at 40 than I did at 39?  It actually made sense to them that at 35 I felt I was too old for sequins, but today I feel fabulous wearing it?  Don't overthink it--just accept it and see me when you are 40.

Here I am wearing sequins--feeling 40 and fabulous.


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