Monday, March 21, 2011

I am a bad blogger

and I am not sure why.  Let's take the quiz, shall we?

Blogger Aptitude Quiz:

1.  Your level of comfort with a computer is:
a.  what's a computer?  
b.  I compute   
c.  I *heart* my computer      
d.  if left on a deserted island you Macgyver one together from coconuts and duct tape

2.  You are online:
a.  never   
b.  once a week   
c.  once a day      
d.  your smart phone is attached to your hand

3.  Your friends would describe you as:
a.  quiet    
b.  speak only when spoken to    
c. a talker     
d. you can have an entertaining chat with a turnip

4.  When it comes to writing:
a.  you hate it   
b.  you can manage with spell check  
c.  duh, it was your major       
d. even your grocery list reads like an episode of Falcon Crest

5.  Your amount of free time per week is:
a.  does on the potty count?    
b.  an hour or two  
c.   you have time      
d.  shhh we shouldn't talk about it

Eeeek!  Hmmm apparently there is no real excuse for my bad blogging.

*lifts right hand and places other on copy of Blogging for Dummies*

I hereby solemnly swear to blog daily  more than I have been.  Really!

I even have a layout to share today.  Made with this month's Kit featuring the fabulous My Little Yellow Bicycle.  When I first looked at the goodies, I thought girl, girl, girl!  When I pulled it out, though, this photo of my Zack jumped off of my photo board at me.

Favorite Friday.  Supplies:  Paper, Stickers, Die Cuts: My Little Yellow Bicycle, Die Cuts: Jillibean Soup, Buttons: BasicGrey, Font: Traveling Typewriter, Other: thread.  Tools:  Sewing Machine: Brother.

Journaling: This was your favorite day of the summer--baseball at Wrigley Field.  As a new Little League player, you are starting to love and understand the game.  I am sorry to tell you that being a Cubs fan brings plenty of frustration along with the joy.  If you can remember to enjoy the warm sun on your face and the cold drink in your hand while you watch the boys of summer play, you will be ok.  If you want them to win, well . . .
Until next time!

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