Wednesday, July 14, 2010

spoiled puppy

Ok, so Wolfie is spoiled.  We cannot seem to go anywhere without finding something that she just "has to have."  She has toys and treats and now her very own pool.  Not a tiny plastic one, but a blow up one about 4 feet high.

I know.  But she is so cute.  Allie played lifeguard for Wolfie's first swim.

Allie is definitely my animal gal and my brave one.  The other kids were a bit slow to jump in with Wolfie.  And, of course, as soon as they did, she shook water all over them.  Screams ensued.

Pretty soon Sidney managed to climb in for a wet puppy hug with Allie.

Zack, dressed in his best shark gear, popped in for a minute--but only if big sister had a hold on Wolfie.  After the kids got tired, Wolfie kept right on going.  She is wet and wild!


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