Friday, June 4, 2010

fresh kids rooms

We had a busy week in the kids' rooms.  Zack decided to update his room accessories from orange to lime green.  He has the rest of the room done in black, white, and grey so changing the accent color is easy.  He painted the picture frames himself while I zipped up some new fabric on his old pillows and changed out the band on his baskets.  We redid his name with some fun BasicGrey with green colors.  Finally, he selected just the right stuffed animal to put on his shelf.

Here is his book corner:

And his bed:

For Allie's room, we had bigger changes in mind.  Now that she is going to jr. high she wanted a more mature room.  And a desk.  Those were her two big requests.  She still loved her paris theme, but wanted to get rid of the hot pink walls with black dots.  She let Zack  pick a delicate yellow for the walls.  Fabulous!  It is so bright and sunny now.

She decided to learn to sew so she could make all her own pillows.  A few pieces of remnant fabric and some straight stitching and she had a lovely collection:

Her window seat had seen better years, so we decided to recycle the wood from it into a simple desk.  We dismantled it, donated a ton of stuffed animals to goodwill, and then reassembled a two tier desk.  We took down her vanity--which was too low for her now--and decided to let the desk do double duty.  A trip to Ikea for an accordian mirror will let her do both makeup and homework in one space.  We also picked up a cool office chair while there for a great price.  Love Ikea! 

She did such a great job paring down her shelves that she has room for a few new goodies to make their way home.  She will keep a close eye on garage sales for just the right items.  Allie did most of the work in the room herself and I could not be more proud of her.

Gee, what should we do next week?


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