Wednesday, May 12, 2010

am I done?

with this layout?  Ever have one of those?  Where you think it needs a bit of something more, but nothing you try seems to work? 

I started this one two weeks ago for the All About Me challenge.  I was supposed to choose a new angle.  I thought of using the angle of a conversation with my son--a moment when I realized I had become "every mother" but with a son that attacks life from his own angle.

Here it is:

One Million Times. Supplies: Cardstock: Jillibean Soup, Die Cut: Little Yellow Bicycle, Ribbon: Tim Holtz (Advantus), Rub-On: My Mind's Eye, Bling: Heidi Swapp, Fonts: Kristin, Bonded, Rebound, Other: pin.

Journaling:  I know I have said this at least one million times I say to my children in true mother form.  But before I can continue Zack puts on his thinking look.  I pause knowing I have lost his attention.  

Actually, Mom, it is more like two hundred thousand times.  A million is a bit excessive.  

(He is not being a smart aleck.  Nope.  He is just math obsessed.  Zack is literal minded.  Now he can tell a tale with the best of them, but NEVER if numbers are involved.  He takes those very seriously.)  

Thank you, Zack.  Now, back to my point.  Shoes go into the shoe basket.  Then when you need them, they are always there.  What do you think the chances are that this will be the lst time I have to say this?  

I'd say about  million to one.  

Sigh.  I knew better than to ask.  What was I thinking?

So, what does it need?  Is it done?  Help!


  1. i think you need a rubon (a heart maybe), small sized, above the "least" in the line above the title. gives the eye a triangle to travel (heart, photo, rubon below and to the right of the journaling.

  2. I sincerly love your page as it is! I like clean layout that let you focus on the essentiel, the picture, the journaling. The numbers border is a really cool touch. :)

  3. To be honest my dear I think it's perfect..
    JUST perfect
    and I think your "Jack" is perfect - can't get rid of the "jack" .. I am sorry... too fond of the memory.

    I love the craft back ground.. the pop of color.. and the numbers..
    Hon.. I have no idea what your looking for.. but it's magazine material.. it really is!

  4. I like it the way it is too. Sometimes you don't need a lot of other embellishment. I kept thinking of maybe a little something here or there but I really like how I immediately go to the photo and then, naturally, to your journaling.


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