Monday, April 19, 2010

puppy love

Yes, I love Wolfie.  People would have bet against it since I am a cat person.  My friends are still in shock.  The mother-in-law was astounded.  But it is true.  She is my little girl.

I was playing in the grass with her yesterday and Allie grabbed the camera for proof.  Wolfie and I spend plenty of time together when the kids are off at school. And, of course, I am chief dog bather and toy buyer. 

 She is becoming a good running partner.  As long as I go full speed, she is happy.  If I slow down even a bit, she tugs and pulls wanting to sniff everything in sight.  Keeps me focused she does!

I cannot help but spoil her.  Everywhere I go a cute little toy just jumps into the cart.  I cannot help it.  I especially like blue ones that match her eyes.  Extra photogenic!

We are off to the vet again on Wednesday for more shots.  You know that will require extra treats and a new toy, too!


  1. What a precious partner!

    You won the giveaway on my blog for the AAM blog hop!


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