Sunday, April 18, 2010


yep. I am.  shocker, right?  hmmm why are you giggling?

On an intellectual level we know there is no such thing as a perfect person.  And we can all certainly share in detail the flaws of those we love the most.  But share our own?  Ouch!  I like to think of them as "works in progress" because once I realize a flaw, I have to choose to accept it or change it.

Sometimes flaws are in the eye of the beholder.  A neighbor of mine asked me recently if there was anyone I would not talk to.  Nope.  I am chatty.  Ok, so I did not talk to him for a week since I knew he was not paying me a compliment.  He sees this as a flaw and I see it as a personality trait.

I am certain there are a wealth of personality traits that I have that irritate the people who love me.  Just as I accept that it is in my husband's make up to need to work the remote at lightening speed, he understands that I consider cleaning my own office to be optional.  These are not flaws--let's go with quirks.

This week the AAM blog challenge is to scrap a personal flaw.  Because I am diligently trying to include more of myself in my scrapbooks, I promised myself that I would play with them for 6 months.  2 layouts a month about me is not too much to ask, is it?  Of course this was before I knew they were going to play dirty.

But I did it.  See:

Keeper.  Supplies: Paper, Die Cuts, Ribbon: Pink Paislee, Alphabet Stickers: Jillibean Soup, Font: Cambria, Other: pin, thread, beads.  Tools: Other: sewing machine.

Journaling: I am a keeper and not in a good way.  I have not crossed into being a hoarder, but I still keep more than I should.  I convince myself that I might need this someday.  It is hard for me to let go of things even though I am now in a financial position to replace them.  I know it is a holdover from my childhood and I am taking steps to grow.  My closets are organized.  I actually light my candles.  I have stopped saving my scrappy supplies for the perfect shot.  Well, mostly.

Whew.  I survived sharing a flaw.  Wonder what the next challenge will bring?


  1. Baeutiful layout! I love how you incorporate so many details in your pages!

  2. you are braver than I am :D
    love all the stitching and the greens! beautiful!

  3. Us??? Play dirty?????? I have *no* idea why you would say that?? ;) I think you'll enjoy the next one for sure!

  4. Dora, this is gorgeous. You and my DH can't get rid of anything.

  5. i love this dora!!!!! and yep, 2 layouts a month is not too much to ask!!!!

  6. Great job with the challenge. I am so proud of you for doing somehting just for YOU!
    Michelle M.
    aka chenguna

  7. I saw this on the magazine and I fell in love. I had to google you like any self respecting women would do to tell you this is amazing and very inspiring. I to want to incorporate more of me into my scrapbooks, Thanks again for the push!!


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