Wednesday, February 20, 2008

my photo studio

Making a photo studio has been on my todo list for quite some time. Reading this month's Scrapstreet mag (yes, I do read it too!) really had me eager to get to work. I was having some trouble finding the seamless photo paper anywhere close to me, so I sent a note to our photo dude, James, and he sent me to Dick Blick art supply.

Since I am not going to be doing large group shoots, a 4 ft wide by 50 ft long roll of paper would be just right for me. I headed over to the local store--only 15 min from my house and I had no clue they were there. I purchased 3 different rolls of Tru-Brite art paper: red, blue, and black for $21 each. Next stop was Home Depot for a thin piece of PVC pipe, 2 lengths of chain, and 2 hooks. Total: $9.

Zack and I took all of 15 minutes to hang our photo studio. Used the power drill to poke 2 holes in each end of the pipe and some needle nose pliers to close the chain on one end. I left the other end open so I can trade out the paper easily. Total cost if I chose only one color of paper would have been $30. Here is a glimpse:

And my first couple of shots of Zack:

Allie just got home from school and raced upstairs to change into something for her photo shoot. Excuse me! Gotta run!


  1. Very cool idea!! I need to find space just to hang stuff!! To make no mention of where they would sit!! lol

  2. How cool! Lucky you've got willing models!

  3. Totally cool...if I can talk dh into it...I will be getting one myself :)

  4. Ok my turn! but will the dogs shred the paper first go? *giggle*

  5. Boo here not A. Nonymous!!

    I got paper already hanging off the walls here...think that would do instead? LOL

  6. Very cool! You can also use sheets or blankets as a backdrop or fabric remnants!


    *big big kiss*

  8. zack! You are looking mighty fine!!!
    Tell mommy to go and take some awesome spiderman shots!


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